3D Printing Pen with LED Display for Doodling, Drawing, Art & Craft, Include Pen Holder and PCL Filament Refills, Lowest Temperature 3D Pen

Material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
Size: 7.1*0.71*0.71 inch (18*18*180mm)
Weight: 52g
Voltage: DC 5V 2A
Nozzle Diameter: 0.6mm
Printing Temperature: 70-100℃ adjustable
Printing Speed: Low, Mideum, High speed
Printing Model: PCL 1.75mm
Cable length: 1.5m
Package Size: 18.8*15.5*6cm
Package Weight: about 400g
Package included: 1* 3D pen, 1*USB cable, 1* power adapter, 1* 5m length PCL filament, 1* pen holder

Operation Guide:
1.Connect 3d pen to power supply with DC 5V 2A or computer, LED lights, click "√" to begin heat the pen
2.Single Click "√" to choose high/medium/low speed, also long press "√" for 5 sec to show material "PCL"
3.When the temprature shows 70℃, check the filament end is trim, push it slight from the filament hole
4.Double click on "《" button to loading filament filament, single click it to stop loading filament
5.Single click "《" button to stop loading, then click ">" button to return the filament

1: Suitable age: 5 years old or over( the children in 3-5 years old should be guided by parents).
2: The nozzle is not very hot when working, adult could draw on plam.
3: Prohibited to input any other material into the filament loading hole.
4: Keep the filament end be trim before loading.
5: When you finish your 3D drawing, single click "《" button first, then press ">" button to return the filament
6: Remember to turn off the AC adapter after each use.
7: Keep the 3D pen away from water and children, put it in a safe place.

The 3D pen will switch to standby mode if stop uploading filament over 3 minutes, and press the loading filament button to wake it up


Limited 12 months warranty from date of purchase

Finer and Lighter

Pen body weight 52g, light and delicate.Convenient to carry and never be your burden.

simple shape

The most beautiful 3d pen design

Aircraft-grade Aluminum

4th generation 3D pen, durable Aircraft-grade Aluminum shell, more advanced than others.
Removal nozzle:  Turn the 3D pen nozzle towards clockwise, you will remove the nozzle easily, and so is the pen cap.

Draw on palm

Low temperature is the key feature, you could use this 3D pen to draw on palm, which is safe and interesting to kids and adults.

When you upload filament, single click feed button to stop uploading filament, single click back feed button to return filament, pull filament slightly until it's out, then remove the power supply.

How to back feed button

Long press "√" for 5 s to show material "ABS" or "PLA", and Long press "√" for 5 s again to switch material "ABS" or "PLA",confirm your filament you prefer. 
How to choose uploading speed:
Single Click "√" to choose high/medium/low speed

How to switch to filament material

Double click on the feed button - start uploading filament
Single click on the feed button - stop uploading filament
Single click on the back feed button - start return filament

How to uploading and unuploading

Connect 3d pen to power supply with DC 5V 2A or computer, LED lights, click "√" to begin heat the pen. Cut the filament end be trim before uploading, when the temperature reach at 80 degree or above, double click feed button, then try to push the filament slightly when feeding the filament, after a while, this 3D pen will unload filament automatically without your pushing.

Keep the filament end be trim before loading

Manual 03A Low Temperature