3D Pen for Kids with 7.5M long 1.75MM PLA - 2017 Tipeye Newest Version 3D Doodler Pen Kits 3D Printing Pen with LCD Display PLA Filament Refills for Adults, Doodling, Artist, Girls, DIY, Drawing etc

Material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
Size:  6.7*1.1 inch (17.2*2.8cm) 
Weight: 50.2g
Voltage: DC 5V 2A
Nozzle Diameter: 0.6mm
Printing Temperature: 180-220℃ adjustable
Printing Speed: Low, Mideum, High speed
Printing Model: PLA 1.75mm
Cable length: 1.5m
Package Size: 18.8*15.5*6cm
Package Weight: about 385g
Package included: 1* 3D pen, 1*USB cable, 1* power adapter,  1* 24.6ft(7.5M) random color PLA filament, 1* pen holder

Operation Guide:
1.Connect the 3d pen to power supply(5V/2A),It enters into standby condition when the LCD screen displays "PLA" or "ABS" .
2. Mode Options:Please press the “L” button and press the “◀” ( load filament button ) button once to confirm and the pen rises the temperature automatically.(If you need to switch the filament mode after a period time of using,then please stop loading the filament and unload the filament and cut the power supply and connect once again to switch the filament mode ).
3.In PLA or ABS mode, press the “L” button each time to switch the mode of the speed that load the filament.
4.Press the “◀” button once to stop loading, press the “▶” button once to start unloading automatically.
5.This product will automatically enter into standby mode without using of 3 minutes and the LCD screen displays "SLEEP" . Please press the "«" button once to activate.

1.Product applicable age: 5 years old and above.
2. Please make sure the cut end of the product is even each time when you use it.When the filament is running out please also make sure the other end of the filament is even otherwise it will get stock.
3.This product is a precision electronic product,the continuous working time is 3 hours, please do not use it more than 3 hours, so as to avoid damage to the pen and motor.
4.Pay attention to the temperature of the nozzle, please do not touch the nozzle during use.The temperature of the normal temperature 3d pen nib can reach 50℃.
5. Please do not use the nib to touch other hard objects.
6.Please do not use foreign materials to load the hole of load the filament or the nib.
7. Please do not use other manufacturers’ consumables, so as not to cause incompatibility.  
8.This product is not waterproof.
9. Make sure that the filament is completely out of the pen and cut off the power supply after using.
10. Please put the pen in a place where children can not touch after using.

Manual 03A Low Temperature 

Keep the end of filament to the 3d pen be trim before loading: 
Connect the included 5V/2A adapter to the power supply or the included USB cable to 5V/2A mobile power supply.Press the “◀” button once to activate the pen, the LED function indicator shows red color. 

How to upload and unload the filament: 

When the temperature of the pen rises automatically to the default setting temperature,the LED function indicator turns into green.Then you can load the filament. (Please make sure that the end of the filament is smooth and even,Please gently push the other end of the filament until it goes through the gear.) Then press the “◀” button once to start loading automatically.
After using, press the “◀” button once to stop loading, press the “▶” button once to start unloading automatically,when the unloading progress is about to finish please pull the filament gently out of the pen.

How to switch filament option: 

In PLA or ABS mode, press the “L” button each time to switch the mode of the speed that load the filament.The LCD screen displays the corresponding speed.Low speed: 5-1 (PLA mode: 190°C , ABS mode : 200°C) ,Medium speed : 5-2 (PLA mode: 200°C , ABS mode : 210) ,c High speed : 5-3 (PLA mode: 210°C , ABS mode : 220). Users can choose the appropriate mode according to painting proficiency.

Aircraft-grade Aluminum:
The 6th generation 3D pen, durable Aircraft-grade Aluminum shell, more advanced than others.

Removal nozzle:

  Turn the 3D pen nozzle towards clockwise, you will remove the nozzle easily, and so does the pen cap.