Product features

  • GREAT STENCILS FOR 3D DRAWING: It is great tool for anyone interested in 3D modelling; It is suitable for 3D Drawing by 3D pen! it is perfect for children above 6 years old and adult no matter you are artists, hobbyist or creative lovers.

  • HIGH QUALITY: It is quite white, thick, smooth, and good gloss.

  • BETTER FOR 3D DRAWING BEGINNER: Different 30 color printing patterns for practising 3D drawing by 3D pen.

  • BETTER SELECTION THAN EBOOK: You can directly draw 3D drawing by 3D pen according this stencils, or copy any patterns and draw directly on copy papers, it is more easy to practise the 3D pen.

  • PAPER SIZE: A4 paper size(8.27"*11.69")



Product description

Different 30 color printing patterns. Package: 1 * Envelope 1 * Set 3D pen drawing stencils(double-sided printing, 30 pcs different patterns) 1 * PET drawing board Note: If painted directly on the paper, this paper mold will be used one time, Because the material of products is made of paper, high temperature will make the paper and 3D Filament Refills materials stuck together. If you want to use repeatedly, please don't directly painting on the paper mold, we suggest that you can draw on the PET drawing board according to the paper pattern. Hope you have a good painting experience! The Tipeye Paper Mold includes as follow: - 1 x Glasses paper - 1 x Butterfly paper - 1 x Electric fan paper - 1 x Cake paper - 1 x Racket paper - 1 x Mask paper - 1 x Flower Basket paper - 1 x Football paper - 1 x Panda paper - 1 x Bear paper - 1 x Cat face paper - 1 x Two Cats paper - 1 x Cat paper - 1 x Cute Cat paper - 1 x Dog paper - 1 x Fish paper - 1 x Dolphin paper - 1 x Swan and tower paper - 1 x Sailing boat paper - 1 x Owl paper - 1 x Owl and tree paper - 1 x Bee paper - 1 x Big belly bear paper - 1 x Taxi paper - 1 x Kung Fu Panda - 1 x Big Ben Panda - 1 x Slide paper - 1 x House paper - 1 x Palace paper

Professional 3D Printing Pen Set, Aircraft Aluminum 3D Pen with OLED Display and 24.6 Feet 1.75mm PLA Filament Refills for Kids,Doodling art craft making,Adults,Artists,Teens ,Girls with Pen Holder