Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions 


Q. Why does the camera show “memory card error” or “Please insert card”                        after inserting an SD card?
A: Our cameras have strict requirements on the SD card. Please make sure your SD            card meets the below requirements:
     1. High quality brand SD card;
     2. Class 10 or above;
     3. Format the SD card in the camera for the first time you use it;
     4. Support capacity range: 8-32GB.

Q. How long does the camera can record after the battery fully charged?
A: The lifespan of the battery depends on various factors, such as resolution                     you select, working environmental temperature and whether the WIFI turns on or         not. Normally the battery can lasts 75 minutes at 1080p /30fps and 72 minutes at           720p/ 60fps.

Q. What charger can I use to charge the battery?
A: Please make sure that you use a high quality brand 5V/1A charger to charge the           camera.You can also use the USB cable to connect with a computer or tablet to           charge it.Normally it costs about 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. The                 charging time is related to the output current of the charger, charging time will be       longer if the output current is less than 1A.
 Note: Please charge the battery at least 3 hours when you charge it for the first time.​

Q. How far is the effective distance of WIFI control?
A: The effective distance of WIFI control is around 10 meters without obstacle. 

Q. Why did the camera take a video and save it automatically?
 A: The “Looping Video” function is turned on, please enter the setup mode to turn it        off.
Q. Why does the camera cannot play video and shows “no file”?
A: The file may be damaged, please turn on the camera again and replay the                   video, the camera can repair the file automatically. If the video cannot be played         on the computer and shows the file format is not supported, please use the                   proper player that can support MOV format files.

Q. The video volume on the camera is too low, how can I turn it up?
A: When the camera is placed in the waterproof case, due to the strong                           tightness material of the case, the volume is lower, please play the video on your         phone or computer, then you can turn up the volume.

Q. How deep is the waterproof distance of the case?
A: The deepest waterproof distance is 30 meters.The camera itself is not waterproof,       the camera is waterproof only when you put it in the waterproof case, please ensure     that the case is closed completely and the buttons are tightly fit, do not take the           camera under water if the case is defective.

Q. How to remove the waterproof case?
A: Please take the below pictures as a reference.

Q. How to use these accessories? What can I use them for?
A: These accessories can be used on bikes, helmets, waist, surfboard, etc.When you      use 3M adhesive please wait about 20 minutes until it is fixed to the flat-form. 

Q. How to take off the battery cover?

A: Please take the pic below as a reference.